Our Services

We offer a custom mix of services that yield optimum returns and benefits to our clients. These include:
(1) Building Construction/Engineering Services.
• Architectural Designs and Construction Services
• Renovations
• Interior design and Decoration
• Civil Works;
• Building Services Consultancy
• Engineering services Consultancy

(2) Landscaping:
• Landscape Design
• Soft and hard landscape installation
• Garden maintenance services
• Environmental Consultancy Services
• Swimming pool

At Novone Consult, everything we do is geared towards first-class customer satisfaction. (Personalized services)

The customer’s interest is found at all levels of our organization. Clients’ service activity is a cross-departmental and cross-functional initiative and the key decision makers deal face-to-face with clients’ when necessary.

We believe that building strong relationships with our clients is the very key to our success and we take pride in our ability to understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our reliable client service team and sound field communications equipment give you instant access to the information and solutions you need.

Finally, we have a culture that facilitates right customer attitudes. All our staff thinks of our client first. Below is a brief procedure:
• We carry out regular research in order to learn to satisfy our customers better.
• Ask questions about the quality and performance of our services at regular intervals.
• Develop procedures to stay up-to-date with customer needs
• Feedback is a continuous process, informing customers of reactions to suggestions and new ideas.

• As a company we are committed to ensuring health and
 safety of our employees and all those we come into contact with.
• Through assessments we have drawn up practices and procedures to control the hazards that are unavoidable in our line of work.
• We follow the approved codes of practice in our efforts to keep all risks to a minimum.
• We use training, both in-house and from outside bodies as a key feature in ensuring the work is carried out safely.